For the Love of Making Things by Hand

The constant learning and endless possibilities are inspiring.

Experimentation is part of creativity.

I just put two copper clay items into the kiln to fire. Now begins the wait for the magic to happen. There is a lot of experimentation involved in learning to work with metal clay. Sometimes I dig out treasures and sometimes something warps or cracks and I have to call it a “learning experience.” When the locket I worked on for a couple of weeks had a hinge and a hook for the closure come off, that was harder to deal with. I got out the metal glue and decided it just meant to be mine. The peanut butter sandwiches and bean and cheese burritos I am eating for lunch are sacrifices to pay for the kiln, the metal clay, and other supplies. My sister has gone all in too and we laugh about the small packages and the high prices to enter the metal clay world. But when you dig a piece out of the carbon, brush it off, and polish it up and hear the clank of metal, it is pretty satisfying. I am just happier when I am making something, even if it breaks or warps.

I have been adding color with Ice Resin and Ice Enamel on some of my new items. It is fun to add a little color. It also means I can add dried plants and flowers to the resin. Gathering plants on walks has become a fun part of that adventure.

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