My sister and I design and craft the jewelry for Waterstrider Design. We both find creating jewelry to be a way to cope with life’s challenges and we hope to make pieces that encourage and inspire the wearer. I believe wearing a piece of art can inspire internal strength, peace, and creativity. We design jewelry to help the wearer focus on positive qualities in themselves. Our work includes hand-painted, carved, and sculpted pieces inspired by imagination, life, and nature. We create using many different media like metal clay, leather, acrylic paint, beads, stones, polymer clay, resin, dried plants, and wood.


Our love for design and art goes back to childhood. Watching our mother sketch and paint was inspiring. She always encouraged us to be creative. When the world dictated standard horse colors she said, “Horses can be purple.”

Growing up on a farm, we both learned to appreciate and be comforted by nature. Some of our best memories are of riding horses through the pasture feeling very free and joyfully swimming at the local reservoir.

As we grew up and moved apart we would always get together to do art and craft projects. Together we work on projects and learn new techniques. We teach each other, share materials and explore new media together. 

I, Marjorie, started the shop after Kathy and I had a “why not ?” conversion. Losing one of our sisters was a reminder of how short and precious life is. We both love creating jewelry. So, we decided to share that love with others. 

Kathy has loved it since college when she had a metal jewelry class. I learned from my sisters and studied art and design in college. We hope the fun and love we for creating is passed on to you through our designs.

We started an Etsy store in June of 2013

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